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Thomas Poulsen

Dad. Husband. Management consultant. Board Member. Researcher. Education and student supervision. Keynote speaker. PhD. MBA.

My life

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- My wife Stine, my son Sander and me - Stine and I have an organic farm venture.

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Main work

- Consultant & Managing Partner @Panticon - At Panticon, we are particularly strong in the Offshore Wind and Logistics sectors within our three core disciplines of “Strategic Management Advisory”, “Mergers & Acquisitions”, and “Market Research & Analysis”.

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Recent achievement and goal

- Non-executive member of select supervisory boards of directors - My goal is to be in five across different market sectors.

My life in pictures

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Always ready for new challenges

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My personal symbol - To be agile as a panther

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Intercultural Experience

I lived in seven countries outside my native country Denmark

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It's done