Roadmap to accelerate the market entry of a nation state into an emerging industry close to home

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Picture of wind turbine at sunset

It is never easy for a nation state to get involved in market making for free markets where supply and demand are forces that create equilibrium and build industries. In this situation, I was approached by two government supported business promotion organizations from Norway that had as their goal to do business promotion for companies in their country. These business promotion organizations had identified offshore wind as a promising sector for the already existing and strong global oil & gas supply chain of Norway.

The specific task presented to me was that a supply chain analysis report had already been produced for Norway at a national level for offshore wind. This had to be contrasted to the supply chain of neighbouring country Denmark which was perceived to be more advanced in offshore wind. The goal was to identify areas of synergy between the two countries in order to facilitate collaboration between the respective supply chains and accelerate offshore wind market entry of Norwegian companies on a global basis in collaboration with the Danish supply chain where possible.

A supply chain analysis for Denmark was not available and therefore, the comparison had to be based on the Panticon market intelligence team crafting such a supply chain analysis for Denmark based on more than 15 existing reports available. The result was a report which outlined the areas of synergy and also highlighted areas where the capabilities of the two countries are overlapping and where fierce competition could instead incur. The Norwegian business promotion organizations used the report to foster dialogue between the supply chains of the two countries and fulfill their mission to do business promotion for Norwegian companies. The report was issued under the former branding of Panticon, Renewable Energy Solutions.