PhD defended & thesis published

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Thomas Poulsen successfully defended his PhD thesis on August 21, 2018. The thesis is now published and available for download.

Logistics in Offshore Wind

The PhD thesis is about offshore wind and focuses on logistics, broadly defined. As such, the research pertains to the offshore wind supply chain from the perspective of transportation and logistics tasks on land, through ports, at sea, and in the air. In addition, the research has dealt with logistics costs seen in relation to levelized cost of energy throughout the entire lifespan of an offshore wind farm project. The research has also dealt with the globalization of the offshore wind market, using China as the main example.

The results of the research have shown that logistics makes up a significant cost item within offshore wind. The results also revealed that it is important to organize logistics in an effective manner within those firms and organizations participating in the offshore wind industry. The eight academic articles which have been published as part of the PhD research project have been framed in the context of strategic management as well as the mergers & acquisition efforts forming part of the offshore wind industry as the market consolidation intensifies.

The research has been conducted in close collaboration with a series of leading offshore wind organizations and companies. The research was funded by Aalborg University and the Danish Maritime Foundation (Den Danske Maritime Fond) through grant number 2012-097.