Keynote speaking event that got deferred and had to be reinvented due to COVID-19

I agreed to be a keynote speaker at a major industry conference in May, 2020. Due to the corona situation, the event was first postponed to September, 2020 and later deferred to 2021. In having to move this and other activities of the conference organizer to a digital platform, I proposed several alterations to the original plan in order to keep the audience engaged and maintain involvement.

I agreed with the organizer to put together a white paper about the topic at hand. This white paper would stimulate interest in the upcoming event not only from experienced conference attendees already part of the industry in question but also from people who had not yet gotten familiar with this relatively new market segment. I also suggested to put an online panel session together during the first quarter of 2021 to again stimulate the attendees of  the upcoming conference.

To further support the organizer and gain mutual synergies, I agreed with the organizer that they could be an Event Partner of an event which I organized in a different setting and where it was feasible to partner up in a seamless manner and jointly promote the events through the respective online channels available.