Putting the already existing capabilities and service offerings together in a different manner to serve a new market

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In my capacity as a management consultant with my own niche consulting firm, a company approached me to seek support with entering a new industry vertical. Through an analysis of the company’s existing skills and competencies, I helped the company make use of already existing skills, competencies, and capabilities to make global market entry into this new business area.

By infusing a number of domain experts in strategically placed locations around the globe, the local organizations were offered a “go-to option” internally where the local organizations could obtain the necessary support when it came to building up the new business organically. The domain experts offered an industry network, specific knowledge of the business to be developed, and they were able to bring forward the necessary terminology and industry jargon required to speak to potential customers and respond to tenders.

As part of helping the company with the global market entry, support was also rendered in terms of internal implementation where Panticon helped resolve issues such as internal cost allocation for the domain experts along with branding, launch, and go-to-market support to enable a fast and smooth start. This organic business development growth model was a very effective alternative to acquiring an existing company in the market.