Welcoming the new sheriff in town – Thomas Poulsen holds keynote about USA wind energy infrastructure

When Joe Biden won the presidential election in November 2020, it completely changed the potential for development in the USA wind energy infrastructure. Offshore wind is now at the centre stage in the USA and after a period of uncertainty, fast-paced growth is now back on the agenda.

Thomas Poulsen, in capacity as Wind Logistics Group facilitator and managing director of Panticon, covered Joe Biden’s potential to change the face of US wind energy at the fourth Energy & Transport Summit which took place before the 2021 presidential inauguration. The focus was on the US supply chain for offshore wind seen from a shipping and logistics perspective. Poulsen presented the findings of a working group that had been working on this theme was part of the on-going efforts to work on cross-supply chain topics within the Wind Logistics Group forum.

The presentation concluded that in order to provide more visibility to the shipping and logistics infrastructure dimensions of the US offshore wind supply chain, Elevon and Panticon had been selected on behalf of Wind Logistics Group to put together an independent and publicly available report on the topic. Work to raise funding to execute the project has since then commenced. You can view Thomas Poulsen’s panel presentation below: