Putting the already existing capabilities and service offerings together in a different manner to serve a new market

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A company contacted me to assist them with making market entry into a new industry vertical. Through my consulting firm, Panticon, I deviced a plan for them to make use of already existing capabilities and make global market entry into the new market by adding a number of domain experts in different geographic locations in order to support the local business development efforts with the required competencies and skills.

Thomas Poulsen plans and facilitates major virtual conference

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Energy & Transport Summit IV digital was planned and facilitated by Thomas Poulsen in his capacity as facilitator of Wind Logistics Group in collaboration with Energy Cluster Denmark. The conference included 5 panels, a keynote and a networking session and was attended by 88 people from across the offshore wind energy, logistics and shipping sectors.

External lecture about logistics and global supply chains

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November, 2020: A group of BSc students in Canada, China, and Denmark were being trained on how clusters of private companies, learning institutions, and government bodies advance industries on a global basis. I was asked to lecture on offshore wind using the Esbjerg cluster in Denmark as the case study with logistics and global supply chains as the context.

Keynote speaking event that got deferred and had to be reinvented due to COVID-19

February, 2020: A leading organizer of global industry conferences reached out to me and asked me to be a keynote speaker at an upcoming event in May, 2020. By the end of February / early March 2020, the world looked very different because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the event ultimately had to be deferred and moved to an online forum. Together with the organizer, I therefore helped reinvent the entire set-up to not only include the keynote speech but also a panel discussion preceeded by an industry white paper.